Razor Blade Refills

By Kitsch

Size And Fit

Size as displayed

Gives you the smoothest, closest, & most comfortable shave you’ve ever had
100% stainless steel blades are plastic-free, sustainable, and recyclable
Designed for use with Kitsch Perfect Glide Safety Razor; for the most effective shave, use a fresh blade every time. Pair with Kitsch Solid Shave Butter for the smoothest shave and super-soft skin

1. Twist razor head or handle to separate and open the blade chamber. Carefully remove and discard the old blade.

2. Unwrap the new blade; hold it by the short edge & gently place it in the top half of the blade chamber. Place the bottom half of the chamber back on, then twist the razor head and handle back together to close.

3. For the most effective shave, use a fresh blade each time.